Coaching for Continuous Improvement

Keywords: coaching, continuous improvement, instructional coaching, systems design, best practices, promising practice, principal coaching


Since 2015, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has provided schools across the state with access to highly skilled instructional coaches. Primarily working in rural settings, these coaches provide a voluntary, integrated coaching model that focuses on building sustainable systems. Coaches provide a range of services, including systems design, strategic planning support, whole-team professional learning, professional learning community (PLC) LC facilitation, and fidelity monitoring. This article describes the theory of action for KDE’s Continuous Improvement Coaching program, presents two case studies of rural elementary schools who utilized the program, and discusses the key features of the program and its relevance for rural schools.


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Courtney, M. B. (2020). Coaching for Continuous Improvement. The Rural Educator, 41(2), 55-63.
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