Disrupting Dichotomous Traps and Rethinking Problem Formation for Rural Education

  • Amy Price Azano Virginia Tech
  • Catharine Biddle
Keywords: rural, education, Paulo Freire, praxis, deficit ideology


This article highlights various paradoxes and false dichotomies in rural education research. Using Paulo Freire's theories of oppression and critical awareness, the article delineates a theoretical framework designed to explore a reframing of rural education. We propose that this reframing would serve as rural praxis for school leaders and teachers, and we make use of these theories to discuss school leader and teacher preparation programs. This reframing for the field of rural education research proposes a way through contradictions and dispels deficit narratives underlying conceptions of rurality and theoretical constructs in rural education research.


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Author Biographies

Amy Price Azano, Virginia Tech

Amy Price Azano is an associate professor in the School of Education at Virginia Tech.

Catharine Biddle

Catharine Biddle is an assistant professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Maine.

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Azano, A. P., & Biddle, C. (2019). Disrupting Dichotomous Traps and Rethinking Problem Formation for Rural Education. The Rural Educator, 40(2), 4-11. https://doi.org/10.35608/ruraled.v40i2.845
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