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A Component Analysis of Free Online Violent Threat Assessment Tools for Schools

  • Cristin Marie Hall The Pennsylvania State University
  • Rebecca F Bertuccio The Pennsylvania State University
  • Timothy M Mazer The Pennsylvania State University
  • Christieanna O Tawiah The Pennsylvania State University
Keywords: online, prevention, threat assessment, school violence, rural education


Violence prevention is of the utmost concern in some schools.  For various reasons, rural schools face a number of challenges that may prevent them from implementing strong, evidence-based violence prevention initiatives.  Given that the Internet houses a plethora of cost-free resources on threat assessment and violence prevention in schools, rural educators may consult the internet for information.  However, because little is known about the composition and quality of such resources, it is important that they are properly evaluated.  As such, the purpose of the present study was to compare existing, free, online school-based threat assessment resources to an evidence-based threat assessment framework to determine how well online resources communicate evidence-based principles.  Using component analysis, a total of 11 online resources were evaluated.  Overall, the findings from this investigation revealed that the evaluated online threat assessment resources were not as comprehensive as evidence-based guidelines. 

            Keywords: online, prevention, schools, threat assessment, violence


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Hall, C. M., Bertuccio, R. F., Mazer, T. M., & Tawiah, C. O. (2020). Google It. The Rural Educator, 41(1), 40-60.
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